To create a new store, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 : Register for an account
  • Step 2 : Go to the "Create a Store" page

  • Step 3 : Add a ‘Store Name’ (You can name your store whatever you want. E.G. You can use your business name.)
  • Step 4 : Generate an XPubKey via the Nova Web-wallet. After you Login to your Nova Wallet please go to the "Nova Payment Box" page so you can find or generate your XPubKey.

  • Step 5 : Copy your XPubKey and add that to your store creation.
  • Step 6 : Next you have to add a ‘Tag Name’ as per your Store Name Category.
  • Step 7 : You have to Enter a call back URL from your website where you want to Use the Nova Payment Gateway.
    You will get a notification from the Nova Payments Platform when someone pays VSolidus® into your Nova Payments Box.
    1.When a payment is Received you will get an instant notification on your Callback URL
    2.After the notification is received, the transaction will get confirmed and again you will receive a notification on this call back URL
    (Transaction will be confirmed after 20 confirmations)

How Does The Nova Payment Gateway Work:

  • After you have successfully created a store in the Nova Payments Platform, users can see your Nova Payment Box on your webpage. Customers have to make payments using VSolidus® (VSOL)
  • After a customer sends VSolidus® (VSOL) coin to the store, it will show in the Nova Payments Platform that the payment has been receive successfully within 10-15 Seconds.
  • The stores call back URL (which was added while creating a store) will Notify the store about all payment information from the Nova Payment platform.
  • Customers who have made a payment, remain on the store webpage and can see a successful payment result.
  • For Customers, the payment procedure on the store website will look similar visually and compete with normal debit/credit cards for its transaction speed. The benefit to the store is that the funds are immediately available for use.
  • No paperwork, no chargebacks, no monthly fee, low transaction fees.
  • If payments are not received within 30 min, the Nova Payment Box will expire.
  • For details on integration, you can read more via the Nova Payment API DOCUMENT.